Butchers Blocks

Quality Commercial Reversible Butchers Blocks, manufactured from quality seasoned Canadian Maple wood. These traditionally made Butchers Blocks from Superkut are built from high quality seasoned maple wood. They are beautifully crafted, as well as being extra-strong and durable, making them the perfect block for your butcher shop.

  • 180/150cm x 60cm x 25mm Red Polytop 180/150cm x 60cm x 25mm Red Polytop

    Polytop Table (Prices available on request)

    Polytop Tables - **Prices available on request**   Food grade approved polyethelyne cutting boards, tops, and frames ideal for butchers, delis, catering and many other trades. Our cutting boards are made of super high density polyethylene...
  • Wooden Butchers Block Brush Wooden Butchers Block Brush - Large

    Wooden Butchers Block Brush

    SPECIAL OFFER: WOOD & METAL BUTCHERS BLOCK BRUSH Extremely hygienic and durable butcher block brush. We strongly recommend cleaning with this specific brush to ensure hygienic block.Cleans and dries the block.Eliminates working residuals and smooths...
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