Five Things You Should Know About Meat Bandsaws

Five Things You Should Know About Meat Bandsaws

Posted by Joe on 26th Feb 2020

Mainca BC2500 Bandsaw

Number 1. Meat bandsaws are classed under the Dangerous Machines Act 1983 and therefore they must comply with all rules and regulations. Before purchasing a new machine and in particular when purchasing a used machine, you should ask the following questions. 

  • Is the machine CE approved? i.e. does it have a brake motor?
  • Does it have interlocks on the door?
  • Does it have a blade guard?
  • Does it have a meat pusher?
  • Are all the parts in good working order?

If the answer is no to any of these questions then the machine will not be compliant with Health and Safety regulations and should never be used.

Superkut 82 Professional Bandsaw

Number 2. It's important to remember that any person under the age of 16 must not use the bandsaw and any person under the age of 18 must have had appropriate training and supervision. A written sign to this effect should be on display somewhere near the machine.

Number 3. When an operator is using the machine, it's important that he/she should not be distracted. The machine must be placed in an area where there's no possibility of anyone or anything coming into contact with the operator.

Superkut 72 Bandsaw

Number 4. Anybody operating a meat bandsaw should not be wearing safety gloves as they will provide little protection from a bandsaw blade but there is a danger that the glove could become caught in the moving blade, resulting in severe injury. Before using the machine the operator should be satisfied that the blade is fitted and tensioned correctly and that the safety features are all functioning correctly. Once working, the operator should avoid conversations and all other distractions, to ensure safe operation of the machine.

Number 5. A meat bandsaw requires maintenance and should be serviced on a regular basis, ensuring the machine is in good working order, the blade is correctly aligned and the safety features are all working as they should.